How to add an Account in Personal Office?


In order to Provide or Get Help in the MMM Community (“buy” or “sell” Mavros), first you need to add a personal bitcoin or bank account in your Personal Office.

  1. Click «Accounts».
  2. Click «Add».
  3. Fill in the details as specified in the picture:

BitCoin Account

  • Create the Account name, ex.“MyAccount-Bitcoin” and write it to the first field
  • In the “(BIC) IFSC Code” field write “BTC”, then word “BitCoin” will appear in the “Bank Name” field
  • In “Account Number” write your BTC wallet number
  • Fill in your Surname
  • Fill in your Name
  • Press “Save”




4. Your new account will appear in “Accounts”




If you want to check or edit your account:

  1. Click on "Accounts"
  2. Choose the account by clicking on it (color changes to yellow)

Also you can:

  1. edit account
  2. remove account