MMM Cares: Charity Event at Snake Park, Soweto, Johannesburg | MMM South Africa (20 October 2015)

Someone once said, “Doing nothing for others is the undoing of our own selves.” Surely the MMM Community is on the right track as the guiders seek out those in our communities that are less fortunate than ourselves, in order that we might help provide hope for the future for them.

Recently guider Jacqueline Seruwe and her team arrived at St. Peter’s Day care in Soweto laden with gifts of food and stationery for the little children. MMM cares for the community and its participants always make an effort to show kindness and care for others, which is what MMM, is built on. Selflessly thinking about others will make us better people and our community will become stronger because it is built on the correct values.

The true measure of success in life is the love and kindness that we show towards others, and we can truly say that the MMM Community is successful as we see how our actions are giving hope and a better life to those around us.

Together we make the world a better place!


MMM Cares: Charity Event at Edenvale, East Rand | MMM South Africa (2 October 2015)

Kindness and compassion and the desire to help others are what differentiates us from mere beasts and makes us more like our Creator.

Guider Cathy Katapa and her team visited one of the Compass homes for children in Edenvale to give them four benches attached to tables for the children. Compass is a non-profit organization that helps the homeless, the abused women and children. They believe, like we do at MMM, that seeing the joy and appreciation on a person's face is the most rewarding gift of all times.

Someone once said that the tender loving care of human beings will never become obsolete.

People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed. MMM cares and that is the reason why it came into being, to give people a better life and the hope of a good future.

Justice, kindness and honesty in the modern world are not a myth or a fantasy anymore! MMM has made these a reality. Together, we can change the world!


MMM Cares: Charity Event at Siphuthando Crèche, New Castle | MMM South Africa (26 September 2015)

“The world is bad? So make it better.” A worthy quote from our estimable leader, Sergey Mavrodi. This is exactly what manager Nosipho Zungu and her team went to do at Siphuthando Crèche in New Castle, to make the world a better place for the little angels at that place.

They brought chairs and tables for the little children which gifts were very much appreciated by the owner of the crèche and the parents of the children who were there. MMM was introduced to those present who listened attentively to the manger as she explained to them the advantages of participating in the MMM Community. Charity only perpetuates poverty by taking the initiative away from the poor, someone once said. Which is why at every charity event, those that are able are given the opportunity to participate in MMM and help themselves.

At MMM we show our love for our communities by our deeds. The love we show for others is the truest measure of success in life.

Together we can create a better world for all!


MMM Cares: Charity Event at Randfontein, Johannesburg | MMM South Africa (25 September 2015)

It has been said that while we do our good works, let us not forget that the real solution lies in a world in which charity will have become unnecessary. This is exactly what the MMM program is aiming at — a better, happier and fairer financial system for all! This was borne out by guider Jacqueline Serowe and her team when they visited the Horeb Kidz Day Care Centre in Randfontein recently, bearing gifts of food and books for the children.

All this was gratefully accepted by the leader there and the children excitedly received their books and crayons. The MMM Community gladly extends a helping hand wherever it can to relieve the burdens of fellow human beings. Doing something for someone who can never repay you is always a blessing, more so for the giver than for the recipient.

Compassion for others and the simplest act of kindness speak more powerfully of the MMM Community than anything else we can do. Charity isn’t about pity, it is about love.

Together we can change the world!


MMM Cares: Charity Event at Tinley Manor Primary School, Rustenburg | MMM South Africa (24 September 2015)

Well done to guider Sebe Khumalo and her team who also followed the MMM philosophy of caring for the community and presented uniforms to some of the needy children at the Tinley Primary School in Rustenberg. Putting a smile on another person’s face and showing that you care by easing another’s cares, is what makes us human.

“Once poverty is gone, we'll need to build museums to display its horrors to future generations. They'll wonder why poverty continued so long in human society - how a few people could live in luxury while billions dwelt in misery, deprivation and despair.” This was said by one wise man and is exactly what Sergey Mavrodi had in mind when he came up with the MMM concept — eradicate the poverty of the many while only a few live in luxury.

MMM is here to help people escape the clutches of poverty and find financial freedom and security.

Together we will make the world a better place!


MMM Cares: Charity Event at Mount Royal Primary School, Durban | MMM South Africa (24 September 2015)

The MMM Community is surely carving its name on the hearts of those to whom it puts a smile on their faces with the acts of kindnesses being carried out by guiders like Marilyn James, who with her team presented pairs of shoes to the children of Mount Royal Primary School in Durban.

What MMM is doing to for the community will be remembered and talked about and if an opportunity is given for the people to become members of the MMM community, they will seize it. These acts of charity have a two-fold purpose for MMM. The first is the genuine care and desire to alleviate other people’s burdens and bring them to a better place in life, which in fact is the very reason for MMM’s existence as per our estimable leader, Sergey Mavrodi. The man is a philanthropist who always cares about the humiliation and indignity that the less privileged of society have to endure. He wants to create, using the MMM System, a financial free and fair world order.

The second reason for these charitable events is to introduce MMM to the community in order to help the people to help themselves. MMM is a community of ordinary people selflessly helping each other.

Financial Apocalypse — very soon!


MMM Cares: Charity Event at Wedela, Carletonville | MMM South Africa (26 September 2015)

Carletonville, a mining town about 90km from Johannesburg and some 30km from the other mining town of Westonaria, has also been breached by the determination of guider Paseka Molise and his team. The 26th of September saw them at Wedela in Carletonville bearing gifts of charity for the needy children at the children’s home.

No one has ever become poor from giving and helping others to a better position in life will never go unrewarded. MMM is doing a very worthwhile endeavor through its guiders to bring some relief into the lives of those that need it. By giving back to the community MMM ensures that it will be remembered by the people of that community, who will want to align themselves with the MMM Community.

There is no exercise better for anyone than to reach down and and lift others up in anyway that one can.

Together we can create a better world!


MMM Cares: Charity Event at Vanderbijlpark | MMM South Africa (19 September 2015)

It was very touching to see the innocent little children at the MaThwala Children’s Home in Vanderbijlpark, a town to the south of Johannesburg in the Vaal Triangle. It warms the heart to see MMM guiders like Jabulani Bikitsha and his team take their time to go to such homes to offer what little comfort they can in the form of much needed food stuff and toiletries.

The home was started in 2003 by the lady MaThwala with only two children and according to her it wasn’t an easy venture. People like her are always on the side of divine providence as such work is a worthwhile human endeavor. To take care of those that can’t take of themselves and to make another’s life better is always blessed. The children’s home needs all the help it can get because although there is a government social grant, it’s not enough. The workers are voluntary workers because there is no money to pay them.

Guider Jabulani explained that MMM was very concerned about the communities that it is in, and always likes to lend a helping hand whenever it can. He confidently told those present that MMM changes people’s lives for the better with its donation program.

The leaders of the children’s home expressed their heartfelt gratitude at the gift from the MMM community which was quite impressive.

We work together to change the world!


MMM Cares: Charity event in Carletonville, Johannesburg | MMM South Africa (22 August 2015)

Senzangakhona orphanage is in the area of AngloGold Ashanti Mines. Their slogan is “The communities and the societies in which we operate will be better off for our having been there” but we say that these communities and societies will be “far much better off” for their having associated with us.

This orphanage of children 0 — 15 years old was founded by a lady who was a caregiver to the old people of that area, when she noticed that there were many children being taken care of by these old people whose parents were either sick, or dead, or had abandoned the children. There also are sick, lost and abused children in the orphanage. The caregivers of that place work on a voluntary basis and so therefore the food and bedding brought by the MMM team were gratefully received and the team warmly welcomed. The MMM team brought happiness and joy to the little faces and a message that MMM cares for the community in which it is in.

The MMM team led by manager Paseka Molise brought much needed relief to this community and we applaud them for their efforts.

Each and every effort that each of us makes so the world can be a better place counts.

Together we can change the world for the better.


MMM Cares: Charity Event in Alexandra, Johannesburg | MMM South Africa (21 August 2015)

It was an auspicious day when the MMM South Africa team of managers and participants, led by manager Salaminah Leotoane, arrived at the glorious Angels Day Care Centre in the sprawling township of Alexandra, a township which is in the far east of Johannesburg. MMM Global arrived to demonstrate that the MMM Community cares and to show the power of giving, laden with groceries of foodstuffs for the little pre-schoolers.

Founded in 2012, the day care centre is a godsend to the community where most of the parents cannot afford to send their children to day care. Although it earns a government subsidy, any form of help like the MMM Community donation is welcome there.

MMM, a rel community program that makes a difference in people’s lives is the only opportunity with a future for this community to attain financial comfort and well-being.

TOGETHER we can bring a change to our communities.


MMM Cares: Charity Event in Hammersdale, Durban | MMM South Africa (27 July 2015)

Giving is MMM’s message of love in this unkind world. Our appreciation to Manager Precious Msomi for making this intention to life through a charity event last July 27 at Hammersdale, Durban. One touching event that crafted a smile on everyone’s heart.

Basic food stuffs were distributed to a group of elderlies housed and taken cared off in an institution. These would carry them all throughout winter season. As simple as it may seem to others, but for them these are priceless. Exemplifying love and kindness, that is what MMM is communicating.

Again, thank you to Manager Precious and her team of volunteers for their initiatives and hard work. Rest assured that MMM will continue to take part on initiatives of making our world a better place for our generation and for the generations to come.

Together for a better world!



MMM Cares: Charity Event at Phelisanong Centre, Lesotho (8 May 2015)

MMM cares sincerely, this is the message felt by all 160 disabled children housed and fed at Phelisanong Centre in Lesotho. Phelisanong is one of the three (3) centres for disabled children in Lesotho that rely mostly from charity organizations and private individuals for help. The centre as well produces agricultural products to sell, to make ends meet. Thus, all the basic commodities they received will help them a long way.

100 Manager Nthabiseng Thamae made this commendable endeavor possible with the help of her husband and MMM member as well, Sekake Thamae. The event was so awe-inspiring indeed as children from Phelisanong Centre offered a song to thank MMM and the people behind the giving.


MMM Cares: Charity Event at Good Hope Orphanage, Lesotho | MMM South Africa (2 May 2015)

All children needs to be loved and cared, this is a universal calling. And MMM heeds the call as it shared love and care to all children in Good Hope Orphanage in Maseru City. Good Hope Orphanage housed 72 abandon children from Maseru and other cities in Lesotho. Government support being very minimal, even essentials are very scarce.

Thank you to Manager Manoosi Rakoti for leading the call, bringing food, blankets and gas for cooking and heating. Meals were served as well for all kids that day. For all the children and administrator of the orphanage and for MMM as well, that day indeed is day to remember.


MMM Cares: Charity Event in Beautiful Dream Society, Maseru, Lesotho | MMM South Africa (13 July 2015)

A community that cares makes the world a better place to live in. MMM lives on this virtue and exemplifies this through sponsoring charity events to send the message of kindness and generosity throughout African regions. The latest, with the help of MMM Manager Agnes Tsasanyane, who had made it possible, shared love and kindness to all the orphans housed at Beautiful Dream Society in Lesotho last July 13, 2015.

Beautiful Dream Society rescues vulnerable children from poverty and destitution, restoring them to a loving family environment and providing holistic care. And MMM with the initiatives of Manager Agnes, wishes to take part on this noble cause by giving foods and clothing to all children of Beautiful Dream Society that will help carry them all throughout winter.

Thank you to Manager Agnes and her team of volunteers for their initiatives and hard work. Rest assured that MMM will continue to take part in giving back love and kindness to the community. Together, let us change the world for the better.



MMM Cares: Charity Event in Mathokoane, Lesotho (30 August 2015)

Helping others to a better place in life has always been the noblest gesture of mankind. This is exactly what the MMM Global Community is all about — helping others to a better place financially, thereby contributing to their happiness and well-being.

MMM manager Nthabiseng Thamae and her team went to relieve the burdens of the financially destitute families with groceries of food items for them.

The good deeds of the MMM community will spread far and wide in that area and people will want to join and participate in such an organization that cares for its community. A community that cares makes the world a better place to live in.

We applaud manager Nthabiseng and her team for the initiative they took to show love and care for the community through MMM.

MMM — a better life for all!


MMM Cares: Charity Event at Ha Ramoloi, Lesotho | MMM South Africa (26 September 2015)

What joy! What smiles on the faces of the old people at Ha Ramoloi being given blankets and soap from the hands of guider Nthabiseng Thamae and her team, on behalf the MMM Community.

Justice, kindness and honesty in the modern world are not a myth or a fantasy anymore! MMM has made these a reality. In every community that it is introduced MMM makes it a point to look around and see how it may help the community with whatever it can. Helping each other to a better place in life is the sole reason for MMM’s existence.

In this harsh world these senior citizens of Ha Ramoloi have worked hard all their lives only to end up with nothing to show for it. This is exactly the unfair financial circumstances that MMM is seeking to redress.

Together we can change the world! Long live MMM!


MMM Cares: Charity Event at Hope Ministry, Maseru, Lesotho | MMM South Africa (4 October 2015)

The saying that no one has ever become poor by giving augers well for the MMM Community in South Africa, as managers such as Agnes Tsasanyane and their teams travel all over South Africa sharing the community’s benevolence with those that need it. On this day they visited an orphanage in Maseru, Lesotho to bring the children food and presents to put smiles to their little faces.

Charity is not giving out of your abundance, but it is sharing what little you also have with the next person. At MMM we donate to each other, we share with each other so that when we also need help it will be provided to us. Thinking about others needs is a very magnanimous thing and such good deeds speak well for the MMM Community, which causes many people to participate in it.

The more you give out, the more that flows back to you! That is the power of giving!



MMM Cares: Charity Event at Filabusi District Hospital, Zimbabwe | MMM East Africa (16 October 2015)

This present world is truly unfair and unjust and this was clearly observed at the Filabusi District Hospital in Matabeleland South in Zimbabwe, where the expectant mothers of that district have to literally live at the hospital a month or so before the delivery date because the hospital is far, and there is little or no transport where they come from to take them to the hospital on the day.

Here they are given rooms to live in but no food because the hospital can only afford to feed the inmates. In a country where jobs are scarce and money for food in the home is therefore not sufficient enough to stretch to feeding a mother away from the home and the family back home, the mother might not have enough for herself and the baby she is carrying.

This is where the MMM Community came in being represented by guider Biata Sibanda and her team, who brought gifts of foodstuffs for the expectant mothers. Whatever little we can afford to help alleviate another’s burden in anyway will not go unappreciated, even by the Almighty Himself. The gifts were appreciated by all from the Matron to the administration of the hospital and the mothers themselves.

MMM was introduced briefly to everyone there and they welcomed the news of their financial freedom through joining the MMM Community.

Together we make this world a better place!