Hello! Here is the news. For ages I haven’t recorded videos for the Republic of Bitcoin as there was a decline. There was no need for them. We took some measures that helped to solve the problems and everything renewed. As you can see everybody is paid. There are high dynamics and much more activity. I mean the life is pulsing now.

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Nomination ceremony of 16th batch “Why MMM?” contest.


Attention! Nomination ceremony of 15th batch “Why MMM?” contest will take place on Wednesday august 12th, at 2:30pm GMT.

We invite you to join the show – you will hear candidates sharing their experience on how they came up with ideas and what inspired them to make their videos.

Live broadcasting of the ceremony will be available here:

All members of MMM Community are very welcome!

Winners will be announced LIVE!

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Subscribe for new Facebook pages


Dear participants! We have changed our front page on Facebook. Instead of the old page we created two new ones. Now they both will inform you about the latest news of the community in the Republic of Bitcoin.

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We are starting 17th batch of MMM Global manager’s school!


If you want to:
- know more about MMM, its community and about the way it works!
- gain experience from the top leaders of MMM!
- find better and more effective ways of inspiring people to join MMM!
- work as a team with like-minded people!
- grow as an MMM leader!
- become Financially Free!
- have a chance to win a prize in "Why MMM?" contest!
- have a unique opportunity to ask Sergey Mavrodi a question!

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